Monday, 9 May 2011


Well hello and greetings from Hollywood! its crazy to think that I'm hear and weirder to be able to walk down the street half a block and i am on the Hollywood walk of fame!

So i have been awake now for at least over 30 hours i think and its starting to get to me lol

The flight from Melbourne to Auckland was pretty uneventful had the seat next to me free so was able to spread out a little but it was only a 3 hour flight! got into Auckland about 430 or so local time and had to kill about 3 hours before we left again - grabbed a bite to eat and did some duty free browsing lol We left Auckland on time and we went off chasing the sunset - it is one of the worst flights to do 11 and half hours. i forgotten how boring it gets though i had a aisle seat so was able to get up when i wanted which was good. had a bit of turbulence bout 3 hours into the flight and went on for 10-15 minutes so that was a bit uncomfortable. had  dinner- and yes it was a credit to the airline lol Air NZ where really good - good food good service and comfortable as planes can get for a 11 hour haul

BTW mum - if this has bad grammer or bad spelling, at this point of time with 1 hour sleep - i don't care lol :) at least my room is clean

so after watching about 4 movies (i no you all want to know - little fockers - salt - green hornet - the special relationship and a top gear special) these kept me half sane as i couldn't sleep which is really hurting now!!
we arrive in LA a bit before 1230 and make it to passport control about 1240 - not as bad as heathrow but still bad enough - i finally get to the head of the cue and then sent back to fill out another form no one figured to tell me lol - loose my spot and go fill out this form due to my visas - finally get through i think this is about a hour or so after getting into passport control - luckily after the wait my bad was one of the only ones there so easily to pick out!

Head to customers hand them the form and waved me through - got away with the Vegemite! Score!  head out side to the white zone - but there is to be no standing in the white zone - the red zone is only for taxis ( flying high reference for all u film nuts)  get onto the bus and find it very hard to stay awake during the 40 minute trip from LAX > Hollywood. arrive at the hostel about 330 or so easily check in and go to the room - really nice double bed and shower and toilet to myself it will be hard to go to sharing with ppl in a could of days lol

So after dropping all my stuff in my room i head off and go down the street and check out the local area - walk half a block and start to  follow the stars! Hollywood is very different to the movies! its very touristy and not in the best condition - kinda surprised but hasn't let me down - i got to see Kodak theatre(Oscars) Chinese theatre and all the other cool landmarks up that end - will have more time to explore - just have to push off all the tourist operators - there worse then the gypsies in Europe - because these ones speak English and start a convo in any which way they can to get you to buy there shit. lol

It quite a weird feeling to relive a day that you have already lived lol which reminds me Carlton played the day i left and just found out they won! CARN THE BLUES!!!!!!!

doing a walking tour up to the Hollywood sign tomorrow so should get some good pics and going to buy a pass that will save me heaps on studios and lots of other places!- thx Lisa and Darcy for the tip! 

Yeah well that's all i have to report I'm going to go watch some TV - tempting to get involved in the beer pong ($2 cans, $3 coronas) but i think if i did i would have one drink and then be on the ground lol  so a early one tonight and go discover more of this very interesting city tomorrow!

Until next episode

Adios Amigos!



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