Friday, 13 May 2011

Hollywood happenings

Ok so let me try my best to remember where i left off last time and go from there....

A long time ago in far off land there was a back lot, which had universal appeal... ok i cant do this anymore - so Wednesday i head down the metro train station - and the train was scheduled to arrive at 1035 and to my shock it turned up exactly on time - how i do not miss Melbourne's transport system and really envy everyone else trains systems compared to our own!

Anywho...i get on the train and head off to universal city - arriving at the studio i have the compulsory photo taken at the universal fountain before venturing in.. i love every minute of it - the whole place it quite commercial very family based but i still love it and enjoy every minute of it. The haunted house was hilarious cheap shocks but loved it - even got attacked by mother bates... lol then onto the Simpson's ride which was great - a roller coaster simulator - very well done.. then heading off on the studio tour - really well done and got to see quite a bit - the king Kong experience was fantastic! you go into a studio and the doors close behind you and inside is a 360 screen encasing you and a fight between king Kong and a trex takes place with the train shaking - very well done and very cleverly presented in 3D. the rest of the tour was great seeing some of the old sets- personal fav was the bates motel with the original house in the background. after the tour i go into Jurassic park - the ride was great and the drop was more then expected - loved it all the same! i leave the park around 330 and get back into Hollywood and go to the Hollywood museum - this was fantastic very well done and alot of memorabilia on show. the Hannibal lector cell was great a little freaky but still really well done.  I finally get back to the hostel and as I'm walking past the parking lot next to me i notice a truck - im going i no that truck - it looks like optimus prime (transformer) and sure enough it was. there was a magazine party going on in the car park that night and for some reason optimus was there! so me and a guy from the hostel head off round the back way to see if we can get a photo with the truck - the Mexican guard who i  don't think had ever heard of transformers let us in and went and got some great photos with it!

Later that night was a pub crawl...yes i went..and yes it was awesome...$3 pints...yes $3 pints =) love America - though we finished up at a bar with $8 corona's - it like i was back home being ripped off! lol i slept well that night lol

So Thursday turns up and lets say I'm not feeling to refreshed - anyway doesn't stop me, i head out the warner brother studio (WB) for a tour with a uk guy that i was in a dorm with - this tour was great because we were able to get out and wonder around the sets and get some great photos - the WB museum was exceptional unfortunately no photos but it was amazing - original batman/joker costumes (dark knight) watchemen costumes,inception, 300 etc, and a whole level dedicated to harry potter which was cool. continue through the lot and get to check out the WB classic car collection - THIS WAS AWESOME =) tumbler and batpod from dark knight, batmobile from tim burton batman,  gran tarino, harry potter flying car, matrix car, cornial lee, mystery machine, it was just really cool :)

Got to have a wonder around the "chuck" TV set - im not sure it is on over at home but cool to see a working set all so fake lol get to sit in the set from friends and got to see all of WB props - they have alot lol

head back to Hollywood and chill in the hostel for a while, get in contact with a old school mate of mine Clancy who is staying just down from Kodak theatre with a friend and we have dinner in a classic 1950s hamburger diner very funky, then go off to madam Tussuad's which was a lot of fun and got some funny shots, end the night at hooters lol with a cocktail which goes down very easily and got to get a photo with a hooters girl - we were all very excited lol
come back to the hostel and have a game of beer pong - lost, just bit still a lot of fun!

head out to paramount pictures studio - kinda a recap of Warner bros but still good to see there sets and which films have used them - amazing how some of the films have cheated lol after all its the magic of Hollywood! we walk around the set of a nickelodeon show - it had its own 1.5m filtered pool!  amazing how much money the spend on these shows!! got to sit in the paramount theatre which was cool- only last week Spielberg and bay where putting the final touches on transformers 3! :)

head home and was going to do a tour of the Kodak theatre but they have all been suspend due to a performance coming up soon so bit upset i missed that. but decided to do a tour of Beverly hills and rodoe which was good seeing where all the rich ppl live and the houses are so big and so well maintained - didn't see anyone though :(
roedeo drive was incredible so expensive lol this was a really nice area of LA much nicer then downtown lol

back at the hostel now and ready for my trip out to San Fransisco tomorrow - a lovely 9 hour bus ride to look forward to lol well best go back my bags and get everything ready

will blog again when I'm back in Hollywood :0


love to everyone and hope everyone is surviving the cold - i actually have sunburn :)  lol



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