Monday, 30 May 2011

Hollywood PT II

Once arriving back to Hollywood, almost felt like coming home in a silly way. But Tuesday was pretty crap weather but head downtown to check out downtown LA, not alot to be said or seen there. The architecture is fantastic - quite alot of art deco which i loved but some really nice buildings and some not so nice. The Broadway district is a sad state now - what once was obviously a thriving business and area is run down and all theatres are closed up and filled with cheap shops, a real shame. Tried to get into the MoMA (museum of modern art) but was closed :( so just bummed around and headed back to Hollywood. That night i walk into the hostel lobby and i see a old mate from padua randomly - Hayden and get chatting swap stories etc - next thing i no im going to Disneyland tomorrow with them! Only in Hollywood! lol

So i have to get up to book the tickets nice and early - meet in the lobby at 730 - drainer, anyways - got all booked with a discount thanks to the hostel! #Winning So Disneyland - awesome, you get to become a kid again and love it for everything that it is! the parade was closed and having a new one put in the next week! o well got to see a few characters walking around the place which was cool, and i would like to go back and see the star wars ride that Disney and George Lucas made together for a FOX movie - please explain
Let me go through the worlds and rides for brief explanation etc:
Alice in Wonderland Teacups - there teacups that spin - what isn't cool about that?
Space mountain - good fun - small, fast and pitch black roller coaster

Matterhorn - this shits all over the one they use to have at rye carnival though don't put ur hands up because ull probably loose them lol

When moving around Disneyland u get a little peckish... so why not have a pickle? yes, indeed ill enhance my stay at Disneyland today by munching on a whole pickle.......and a bargin a $2.79, why wouldn't you have one? i personally chose not to have one because it was a pickle.

The Indiana Jones area and ride was shut due to renovations... :( but we went on the river cruise, what a wild ride that was, i don't no what was more interesting the drivers puns or the look in his eyes at he looked at all the ways he could kill himself to allow him not to do the tour ever again..... enjoyable none the least

haunted mansion - has nothing on the universal haunted house but still good fun :)

The grounds of Disneyland are immaculate - and just a really nice place to walk around and enjoy the whole atmosphere - it has a full sized working Louisiana style paddle steamer taking people of rides :)

The mickey mouse ice creams where good ( btw im going off pictures to try and tell u everything lol) toon town was crazy fun - just good fun to be around and lots of silly photo ops, best one was i got to have my photo taken with the one and only Mr. Mickey Mouse :) its amazing though cause as i walked through the park he moved to two separate locations and a costume change - clever guy that one. Now that everything got done in Disneyland it was time for some fun, this means going to the other side to California land - where all the good rides are lol.
First up was a flight simulator that flew over California. not like ur regular simulator- but u sit in a seat and put in from of a 180 imax like screen and moved backwards and forwards - this description dose not do it justice but it was prob my fav ride really really awesome.
Next the log ride - we got spun, dunked and saturated - good fun though. the main park - paradise park where the insane roller coaster was good fun - they hold the pirates of the Caribbean premiere there 2 weeks ago :)  the roller coaster was insane - a lot of fun - three times in fact! and slowly but surely the day came to a end leaving Disneyland at about 7. headed out for Thai that night for dinner-  the best meal i had had since being to the US, because it was REAL and not covered in grease! lol great little funky place that we even sat next to limp biscuit! (heavy rock band mum) only in Hollywood! a great end to a awesome day

note to self: need to stop saying awesome its even getting annoying to me - get thesaurus out....

so my last day has arrived :( what to do? go to the beach! head off to Santa Monica - with two British guys, l2 buses and 1.5 hours later we get there! and the weather is perfect, check out the shops down 3rd avenue really nice area such a change from Hollywood - could easily live here lol grab some lunch and then head down to the place where we have all been wanting - THE BEACH :) never got to have a last walk on a peninsula beach - so this was awesome to chuck the thongs off and get sand between the toes! huge beach not to busy just right chuck our stuff down, first thing i do is, gotta check out the water and see how it is - cold! lol regular back beach temp but i forgot my towel so didn't brave going in, we stay at the beach for about a hour just chilling and enjoying the sun :) was magical, mango mango mango mango, mango for sale on the beach lol.

back in Hollywood and the Hangover II premiere was in full swing so i got to play paparazzi - saw Robert Downy jrn, Bradley cooper, mike Tyson, was cool just to be there in the middle of it! heading home back from the premiere and i was walking home when i here "Marty" i look over and there is Kathy Mc! i couldn't believe it - i was walking back to the hostel to see her - it was so cool. Kath and I walk around Hollywood bvld and grab a pizza - biggest cheesiest and greasiest pizza in the world lol still good - then off to get a real drink down at the Irish pub! had a couple of $3 pints and end the night ready for my trip off to NY the next day.l

it was so surreal walking around Hollywood with Kathy - was a big highlight of the trip :)

Leaving LA
i get on the super shuttle headed towards LAX, I'm the last one off the bus and lined up to get my ticket and halfway through i realise that the bag that i have isn't actually isn't mine. So i had to spend the next 1 1/2 hours trying to find my bag - i finally get it after spending about $40 on a phone call and miss my flight so i have top spend the next 3 hours in a very small terminal - not easy - i somehow do it and I'm finally on the way to NYC to see Jackie!!!

And i shall talk to you all next when i am in the big apple

much love


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